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This doesn’t fit the category, but there’s nowhere else to put it. I was just curious if any other Star Trek fans out there watch and enjoy the Farscape series.


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yup i do. its a really good show.


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Of course, it’s a great show. I have all of the DVDs so far. But still Star Trek is the best. However, I love the show Lexx, but can’t find a lot of people who agree with me on that one.


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i got to see the first season, but my parents couln’t keep digital cable. So I am missing out on the series. From sources that I have Claudia Blacks character was killed off, and reanimated later in one of the seasons. Also that Christ has join the team to fight off the twisted scientist. Also the ship has given birth. Thats all I know of the series so far. The one thing that I hate is that the surrounding areas of where i live have sfc on basic.


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I am a total Farscape case. SCIFI channel is the best!


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Sorry you’re missing out on Farscape. They have been releasing it on DVD and VHS, though. Maybe if the video rental stores will start carrying them, you’ll be able to rent/watch them without having to buy them.

You know that Crichton was "twinned" right? We had 2 Crichtons most of the 3rd season. Ended up with Aeryn and one Crichton with Kreis on Talon, and the rest of the crew on Moya. The Talon Crichton and Aeryn get together (finally) and admit they love each other, etc. They wind up running into Jack again (the Ancients) and going to put a stop to some mis-use of wormhole technology that is about to fall into the bad-guys’ hands. That Crichton ends up dying toward the end of the season - he sacrifices himself to prevent a massive explosion; gets radiation overload. At the end of the season, they 2 crews finally get back together... Aeryn is now cold and stand-offish toward the other Crichton. (She was too hurt by losing John and won’t allow herself to love him - or feel emotion more or less - again. She’s back to peacekeeper mentality.) At the end of the show, she, Crichton, and Kreis announce that they’re going after Scorpius once and for all.

That’s very abbreviated, but it gets you semi-current, anyway. I hope you’ll be able to watch all the episodes for yourself. There were some really great ones in seasons 2 and 3. They’ve signed on for 2 more seasons currently (for a total of 5). Hopefully it will keep going after that, too.

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