Paul Shipper is an illustrator who creates art for properties and clients around the world. He specializes in traditional and digitally illustrated works realized in a “retro” style. His art has appeared on film posters, billboards and T-shirts, as well as the covers of comics, magazines and books. Shipper's illustrated posters were awarded Silver at the 2014 Key Art Awards in Hollywood, and his original art and prints have been displayed in many galleries.

Shipper was inspired from a young age by the one-sheets in cinema lobbies and collected on his bedroom wall, and he fell in love with the craft and beauty of the illustrated film poster. It’s his mission bring back such “old-school” posters. While remaining true to his “retro” vision, Shipper has embraced digital painting, which imbues his work with a modern appeal.

He lives in Minety, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration? 

I really wanted to create a piece that showcased the very first episode of Star Trek. The inception of the Star Trek we know and love today.

What is your favorite Star Trek series? 

The Trek era I grew up with was with The Next Generation on television. That said, the cast of The Original Series is without a doubt where it is at for me ... Classic.

Can you describe your artistic process in creating this artwork? How did you prepare for creating it? 

Watching the original episode was my first port of call, identifying the characters and the story. Gathering photographic reference is my starting point before working out the composition. I work with a traditional aesthetic in my approach, digital drawing and painting on a 27” Wacom Cintiq Touch Screen. Illustration doesn’t get much more Star Trek than that!

What else about your piece do you think Star Trek fans should know?

I really hope they enjoy looking at it and remembering the very first incarnation of Star Trek.

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