Jean-Baptiste Roux is a French illustrator known for his bold, colorful works that capture the essence of movies ( 300, Captain America: The First Avenger ), heroes, videogames, music (Queen) and more. Roux describes himself as a product of the 80s and 90s, and thus was inspired by videogames of the day, manga comics and the films of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Ivan Reitman.

Roux’s pieces also reflect his love of symmetry and geometric shapes, propaganda posters and Cubist painting. He started his career as a graphic designer for health agencies, ministries, museums and theaters, and expanded his horizons to include textile printing and silkscreen.

He lives in Paris.

Can you describe your artistic process?  

My poster combines cubism and abstract style and represents the original Star Trek crew by their spaceship. I start out with a quick, small hand-drawing, looking for the shapes, the construction. Once the sketch and the idea is found, I simplify it step by step, tracing paper by tracing paper. I redraw it until I get the final image that I want.

What did you seek to accomplish with this artwork?

To show the shapes as much as the characters that they represent. The main idea is that each member of the crew has a function, each member is important, and together the unit is as one: the Enterprise.

Why do you create art?

I always drew, that’s the only thing I know how to do! I like giving my point of view, my interpretation of an event, a character or a movie ... Being able to sum up a movie or a character on a poster, with an idea or a concept, that’s the job I chose.

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