Mark Reihill is a digital illustrator who has worked for such clients as Coca Cola, HSBC, McVitie’s and Empire Magazine on an eclectic range of projects, from character design to album covers, which have broadened his skills palette and added to his every-burgeoning portfolio.

Reihill, who hails from Ireland, began his career with a Belfast-based advertising company. Seeking to broaden his horizons and utilize his abilities in a more fulfilling way, he left to pursue the freelance career he still enjoys today. He has said that his style is fluid and that he aims to tease out the individuality of his subjects, thereby allowing each piece to possess the charismatic energy that has emerged his signature.

He lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration?

As much as I love The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and some of the movies, it’s The Original Series that really captivates me – the cast, stories, and special effects that are equal parts awesome and cheesy but very much ahead of their time!

How would you describe your artistic style in general?

An energetic fusion between digital illustration and fine art.

How is your Star Trek artwork similar to or different from your other works?

As I always do, I was trying to capture the mood of the episode and each individual character with warmth and energy.

What else about your piece do you think Star Trek fans should know?

I was working on Spock’s portrait when I heard the news about Leonard Nimoy’s passing.

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