Dave Perillo is an illustrator/cartoonist who has done work for Marvel, Disney Television Animation, Mondo, Acme Archives, Dark Hall Mansion, Mad Magazine and Target. He has also designed tour posters for the bands the Aquabats, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Flight of the Concords, My Morning Jacket and others, and had his art featured at Gallery 1988, Spoke Art Gallery, Gallery Nucleus, LTD Gallery, etc.

Perillo was born in 1974, the same year Wham-O introduced the Slip-n-Slide, which he doubts was a coincidence. Though he originally wanted to grow up to be Ziggy – yes, that Ziggy – he became inspired to become an artist after developing an affinity for, among other things, 1950s sci-fi movies, Charles Schultz, Jim Flora, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera, The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock.

He lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration? 

A lot of the art I do is very influenced by retro 1950s and 1960s aesthetics. Artists like Jim Flora, Mary Blair and Roy Lichtenstein inspire my work. I wanted this piece to reflect that era of design since the show debuted in the mid-60s.

What excited you most about the opportunity to get involved in this Star Trek 50th anniversary art project?

I have always been a huge fan of Trek. I’m a borderline Trekkie, so the opportunity was very exciting to me. I love getting the chance to work on projects that I have a fondness for; I think it helps when creating art.

Why did you choose this shape and size?

I always like working in that tall skinny size. I think it’s a good opportunity for folks who have limited wall space to be able to fit art. Plus, it worked great in the design for having the Enterprise along the side.

Your piece reminded us of a build-your-own rocket box. What was your inspiration?

Yeah, I can see that. I guess that again goes back to my love for vintage/retro design. My son’s bedroom is actually decorated in old tin wind-up robots and the box art they packaged them in.

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