Juan Ortiz a freelance designer. In 2012, Ortiz created 80 Star Trek: The Original Series retro-style posters for CBS Consumer Products, with the images then appearing on everything from wine bottles and coasters to a coffee-table book and T-shirts. His most recent Star Trek assignment found him creating covers for IDW Publishing’s comic book adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s original “The City on the Edge of Forever” teleplay.

Ortiz, who hails from New York City, launched his career in 1985, working for the Walt Disney Company. Following a move to Los Angeles in 1996, Ortiz worked as a design manager for The Disney Store and as director of illustration for the Warner Bros. Studio Store and Cartoon Network.

He lives in Burbank, California.

What excited you most about the opportunity to get involved in this Star Trek 50th anniversary art project?

What I like best is that I’m not working on this alone. When I heard some of the names of those involved, I felt honored to be part of this. At the time that I created The Original Series poster series, I had no idea where it would lead. Now, four years later, here I am.

Can you describe your artistic process in creating this artwork? 

The piece was created in Illustrator, using photos. I wanted to include a “gift inside” or game on the back, as cereal boxes usually offer. That was when the cards idea was born. I wanted as many of the characters/cast featured as possible.

What else about your piece do you think Star Trek fans should know?

This piece could easily be part of The Original Series posters that I created a few years ago. It should be a bit nostalgic for many of the older fans.

See Ortiz's artwork at juanortiz.org and follow him on Tumblr.