Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator and designer who primarily works within the alternative music and film industry, creating screen-prints and artwork, alongside his own art prints. His subjects have included Iron Maiden, Star Wars, Soundgarden, The Fifth Element, Ghostbusters, The Last House on the Left, Predator, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, RoboCop, Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and many more.

Mumford works out of a studio in Dalston, England. He creates his art “with pencils, pens, and the wonders of Photoshop,” he has said. “All my work is either hand-rendered or created with the use of a tablet.” His pieces have been exhibited at Gallery 1988 (West) and elsewhere.

He lives in London.

Please describe your piece. What technique did you use?

It was created through digital techniques, mainly within Photoshop in quite a traditional style. I tend to simply work into simple black and white line drawings in layers and build up texture and lighting through various different techniques.

How is your Star Trek artwork similar to or different from  your other works?

I normally work on pieces that are for screenprint, so that limits the amount of colors, generally to four at the most. But with this piece I decided to work digitally so that I had full reign over any color and could really build up an interesting image through use of color.

How quickly/easily, or not, did your concept come to you? And how long did it take from start to finish to complete the piece?

It came to me quite quickly. I knew instantly I wanted to work on something to do with the Borg and the Borg Queen, so it fell together in my head quite quickly. All in all, I think I worked on it over a week or so.

The Borg are notoriously scary. What led you to magnify the fear factor?

I think they are one of the scariest creations in sci-fi, so I really wanted to drive that home through the image through the use of quite dark coloring, but also throw in some of the more usual sci-fi stylings of Star Trek in the background.

See Mumford's artwork at dan-mumford.com and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.