Josh Lane is a freelance illustrator and designer who prides himself on the fact that his work “is heavily influenced by all things geeky.” That includes science fiction, videogames, toys and comics. And Lane, who cheekily goes by the name Josh Ln., credits his love for both art and technology for helping him forge his vision and style.

Lane has created pieces celebrating Star Trek, Star Wars, Tron, Serenity, Ghostbusters, RoboCop, the board game Operation, and more. In his comic-strip-like “Hero-Glyphics” series, he put popular comic-book and sci-fi heroes into hieroglyphic form. Lane jokes that, fueled by coffee and his imagination, he’ll probably be creating right up until his brain is removed and placed into an android body, at which point he’ll become a superhero.

He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration? 

The inspiration came from experimenting with cleaner lines and forms in Illustrator. It was something I was really into while the exhibition opportunity came along and I thought I could really represent everything I loved about The Original Series this way. It was hard to decide which series I wanted to tackle, but it came down to the series that first hooked me. I really wanted to have a piece that represented what I loved and hopefully other fans could have a connection to.

Your art resembles a playing or collector card. What inspired this approach?

It came from experimenting with clean lines and the balance of those lines. I would really love to design an entire card deck like this, so maybe it was subconscious.

Discuss the tone and color you chose.

I used Original Series science/medical uniform blue with a little gold for the transporter beam lines.

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