What your favorite Trek thing in 2012? That was our StarTrek.com poll question last week, and the results are in. “TNG on Blu-ray” won with 28% of the vote, beating out “5 Captains at Destination Star Trek London,” which tallied 23% and “Walter Koenig’s Hollywood Star,” which beamed up 19%. Rounding out the poll were “Google Doodle” with 17%, “TNG and Doctor Who Crossover” with 10% and PADD App with 4%.

TNG on Blu-ray- 28%

Five Captains at DSTL- 23%

Koenig's Star- 19%

Google Doodle- 17%

Dr. Who and TNG Crossover- 10%

PADD App- 4%

So, in case you didn’t vote, what was YOUR favorite Trek thing of 2012?



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