Talking Tom And TNG Team For the Purr-fect App

By Staff - November 30, 2012

Who knew Talking Tom 2 was a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan? Well, the wildly popular wisecracking tom cat app apparently is – and he’s going to dress the part. Starting today, fans can purchase yellow and red Starfleet uniforms for Talking Tom 2, and in December, users will be able to buy the Enterprise and also Geordi’s VISOR.

“We’re humbled and honored to incorporate elements of Star Trek: The Next Generation into our app,” said Samo Login, Outfit7’s founder and chief executive officer. “Trekkers and fans of Talking Tom alike will revel in the opportunity to see Tom act as captain or ensign.”

Talking Tom 2 will be available in the App Store for IOS and Android. Keep an eye on for further details about the introduction of the Enterprise and VISOR.

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