We’re excited to introduce the Haakona Advanced Warbird as part of the Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus expansion. Equipped with a Romulan Battle Cloaking Device, your foes won’t know what hit them when you emerge from behind in combat. Equipped with a universal Haakona Separation console, divide your Haakona into two separate ships to confuse the enemy and choose to pilot either one. The Haakona Advanced Warbird is one of the most feared Romulan ships in the galaxy, and will make a deadly addition to any commander’s fleet. Learn more about the Haakona Advanced Warbird HERE.



The Haakona Advanced Warbird is also now part of the Star Trek Online Legacy Pack, further increasing the value of the pre-sale pack. All players who have already purchased the Legacy Pack will automatically receive the ship when it is available in-game on May 21st. In addition, players with a Legacy Pack can expect to receive the Romulan Military Uniform inspired by The Original Series. This unique uniform unlocks for all Romulan Republic characters on the account.



Be sure to lock in your Legacy Pack today by pre-ordering and take advantage of this special limited time price.

Check out more screenshots of the Haakona Advanced Warbird and TOS Romulan Military Uniform HERE.


For more information on the Legacy Packs, please visit the official website HERE.




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