STLV17 Live: TNG's 30th Anniversary Cast Reunion

A+ A A- brings fans live coverage of The Next Generation's 30th Anniversary cast reunion from Star Trek Las Vegas starting at 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT.


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8:03 PM
"Sometimes I worry that we disappoint you. If there has been a disappointment in our analysis -- we've laughed so much because those are the memories we largely have." -Patrick Stewart closes the TNG reunion
8:02 PM
"We're just actors. We read our lines. We hit our marks and we try not to bump into the furniture. If what I do makes someone feel something, it's a by product, it's not the actual job. I'm just an actor" - Marina Sirtis
7:57 PM
"God borrows money from him" - Marina on how rich Patrick Stewart is.

"In England, you don't become an actor to be rich. American kids are inundated with the wealth and the celebrity and the red carpets and that's what they think being an actor is. That's the fruits of the labor, but you have to do the labor first." - Marina Sirtis
7:54 PM
John de Lancie gives advice to fan on becoming a media professional "Every opportunity leads to something. Everything is connected."
7:47 PM
Marina talks about how hard it is for women to negotiate contracts and explains why Jennifer Lawrence is her hero, how she wishes there were more actresses like her in the business. She continues, "If a man is difficult, it's artistic."
7:45 PM
"I actually had a brain scan a few days ago" - Patrick Stewart tells fans. Marina asks "Well... Did they find it?"
7:44 PM
"I was a little tense" - LeVar Burton says on the time he directed

"I would say 'Hey, Hey do you want me to move this?" -Michael Dorn would ask LeVar. LeVar would respond, "Michael.. NO."
7:41 PM
Michael Dorn, and later Brent, apologize to Patrick Stewart for the 'horrible' things they both did and how they teased Patrick Stewart on set.
7:37 PM
"I'm sorry.. it was just very difficult working with these people" Michael Dorn jokingly says about his fellow cast mates
7:36 PM
"So you were the only annoying one, really Michael" Marina says after talking about how Michael Dorn would forget his lines.
7:35 PM
"When we came to the last person on the bridge, who was it? Michael. The rest of us were all in our going-home clothes and he was still in his space suit and make-up.. and Michael would just stand there and laugh and laugh and laugh. It pissed me off. It must have pissed you off to" - Patrick Stewart
7:32 PM
"I had the hair and make-up department bring me and Afro-wig. So when Michael came back, I was sitting in the Director's chair in my wig." -LeVar Burton on Michael Dorn saying LeVar's hair grows back quickly
7:30 PM
"I had my Judge's robe. It's mostly how I would come to dinner formally discipline the children" - John de Lancie
7:29 PM
"Unlike the rest of you, I went to the office, having done some research in the wardrobe department. I simply offered to BUY... to PURCHASE it.. and they said 'NO!'. The one thing I stole -- I have the communicator I was wearing when John and I were shooting the last scene" - Patrick Stewart
7:27 PM
Cast talks about what they took and what they wish they had taken from the set as Marina explains she tried to wheel out a chair that she thought would be comfortable to watch tv sitting in
7:24 PM
"Jonathan and Gates walked into the restaurant in their uniforms [after Brent was told he could not take one himself]... so for any police enforcement out there.. yeah.." -Brent Spiner
7:22 PM
"I asked if I could have one of our uniforms and they said 'No, you can't have it'" -Brent Spiner

Marina replies, "That's the problem! You asked!!"
7:21 PM
"It takes courage to not be afraid. And to love" -Gates McFadden
7:20 PM
"If we can take the love and the passion for the values that Gene has gifted us with and pass those values onto our children, I do believe we will get there. We have no choice. We're sort of at a tipping point -- we're either going one way or another. In the face of contrary evidence, I still want to bet on the human beings" -LeVar Burton
7:15 PM
"Save your money" cast unanimously says as advice to the upcoming cast of Star Trek: Discovery

"Appreciate where you are, because you are extremely fortunate" -Michael Dorn
7:14 PM
"I remember someone thinking the bar was actually on fire" Patrick Stewart says on one of the times Patrick Stewart directed.
7:13 PM
"I wasn't a parent at the time... I didn't think Brent was particularly good at it." -Gates McFadden discussing The Offspring episode with her and Brent that Jonathan Frakes directed

Brent Spiner continues to praise Jonathan Frakes as a Director
7:08 PM
Gates McFadden tells fans of the non-profit work she has been up to as it relates to theater.
7:06 PM
"There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners" - Marina Sirtis
7:05 PM
Michael Dorn talks about the differences between the feeling and vibe when acting with The Next Generation versus Deep Space Nine and continues "If I had to do another 4 years in make-up, then I wanted to enjoy myself"
7:02 PM
Denise asks Marina "Have you been thinking about Tasha Yar for 30 years??
7:01 PM
"Well.. Data and I would've gotten married and had a little child. It's hard to know. I love what Patrick said, the melding of our personal selves with our characters. Tasha was dear to my heart. I would've hoped there would have been some real interesting complex personal issues to deal with." - Denise Crosby on where her character would have gone had she stayed
6:58 PM
"The characters became very quickly a blend of the character and the actor. We were encouraged to use our own perosnalities and sometimes even our own strongest feelings. It's a little hard for me to answer questions about Jean-Luc Picard because they refer to myself" - Patrick Stewart

"The more Riker became Jonathan [Frakes] the better he got" - Brent Spiner
6:56 PM
"Who directed 'Fistful of Datas' it was such a good episode?" - Patrick Stewart asks as Marina replies "Was that you Patrick that directed it?"
6:55 PM
"It was a moving train. There was barely time to think about it. You had to let your instincts take over. We didn't have a choice. We had to go because it was going by so quickly and the next episode was coming up. It was just luck." -Brent Spiner on playing characters on TNG
6:54 PM
"Thanks for saying we're cool. I can't speak for everyone..but I am" - Brent Spiner responds to a fan's compliment
6:51 PM
"Why would you do that to your child?" - Marina asks fan who named her son Patrick Tiberius Kirk
6:50 PM
"I'm very optimistic about the show - very hopeful it's going to be fantastic. I don't know that I need to be a part of it necessarily, but I encourage them and hope for the best" - Brent Spiner on Star Trek: Discovery
6:49 PM
"I do remember that I appealed to Rick and the writers to write a romantic encounter for Picard that wasn't refernecing a relationship that was 25 years old. So they did and that led to Captain's holiday and we know what that led to.. don't we?" -Patrick Stewart

"It led to any excuse for him to take his shirt off" - Marina Sirtis continues "He's very old, but he's in great shape. I don't say anything behind his back that I don't say to his face."
6:47 PM
"Gene asked, 'Do you mind being a different color?'" -Brent Spiner on the Data color

"On our first press gathering, he [Gene Roddenberry] said you have a Captain who has no hair -- surely by the 24th Century the would've found a cure for baldness. Gene replied 'In the 24th century, no one will care" - Patrick Stewart

"Didn't he say bald is better?" - Brent Spiner
6:44 PM
Marina jumps into the moderator's seat as fans cheer.
6:43 PM
The cast goes straight to questions from fans.
6:42 PM
"That killed about 20 minutes." -Brent Spiner on the introductions

"We've got to keep it moving because we have declined having a moderator" Marina tells fellow castmastes.
6:41 PM
Adam Malin introduces (in no particular order) Jonathan de Lancie, Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton and Patrick Stewart to a cheering audience giving a standing ovation. #TNG30
6:36 PM
Patiently waiting for The Next Generation cast to hit the stage to celebrate 30 years... hope you're just as excited as we are!
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