News Vault: The Enterprise Finale

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Star Trek: Enterprise concluded its four-year run on May 13, 2005, with the controversial series capper, "These Are the Voyages..." To mark tomorrow's 13th anniversary of the occasion, dug deep into our Vault and found a very rare DVD rough-cut screener that the UPN publicity department Fed Ex-ed to select journalists a few days in advance of the Star Trek swan song.

"These Are the Voyages..." Screener

It's no secret that most Trek fans were disappointed in "These Are the Voyages." The series was not renewed by UPN for a fifth season, compelling the writers and production team to close out Enterprise on exceedingly short notice.

"These Are the Voyages..." finale

While the idea was to craft "a love letter" to fans following 18 consecutive years of Trek, the finale essentially turned Enterprise into a footnote within a Star Trek: The Next Generation storyline.

Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis in "These Are the Voyages..."

The storyline featured Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. It also was only a single hour, unlike other Trek finales.

What were YOUR thoughts about "These Are the Voyages"?

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