Star Trek: The Exhibition Launches US Tour

By Staff - May 08, 2013

Star Trek: The Exhibition will be hitting the road this summer and fall, with a 2013 U.S. Fair Tour that will touch down at the San Diego County Fair from June 8 to July 4, the Los Angeles County Fair from August 30 to September 29 and the Arizona State Fair from October 11 to November 3. Visitors will enjoy an interactive, museum-style experience of one of the largest collections of authentic Star Trek artifacts and information ever put on display. Included in the Exhibition are the Star Trek: The Original Series bridge, a Timeline wall, the Scorpion fighter from Nemesis, Dr. Crusher’s sick bay and a motion simulator. Fans will also be able to enjoy interactive kiosks and photo opportunities, including one with Kirk’s captain’s chair.



Click HERE for details about the San Diego County Fair, HERE for the L.A. County Fair and HERE for the Arizona State Fair.



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