Star Trek Magazine Issue #42 Available Now

November 03, 2012

An unpublished interview with Robert H. Justman, the producer without whom Star Trek probably wouldn’t exist? Revealing conversations with Jeffrey Combs and Alice Krige and Kate Mulgrew, a/k/a Weyoun/Shran, the Borg Queen, and Captain Janeway, respectively? A thought-provoking, imagination-sparking “Treknology” piece that pre-invents a fully functioning shuttlecraft? Reviews, news, convention details and also news about Star Trek Into Darkness?


It’s all available now in Issue #42 of Star Trek Magazine, the official Star Trek publication, which can be purchased at book and magazine shops. Digital editions are also available for the iPad and Nook; simply search “Star Trek Magazine” on your device’s app store or newsstand.

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