Star Trek fans celebrating the Christmas holiday can do so in real Trek fashion, with a pair of great new products available now in the Shop. Up first are Star Trek Command Insignia String Lights, with each package featuring 10 command insignia lights that span 138 inches (11.5 feet) and can be hung on a tree, across a hearth or pretty much anywhere else.

Star Trek Insignia String Lights

Also available is a Star Trek Command Stocking, which is yellow and black, with the Starfleet Command insignia emblazoned on it. The polyester stocking measures 15” long by 7.75 inches wide, making it big enough to hold plenty of candy canes and even a Tribble or two.

Star Trek Stocking

The Star Trek Command Insignia String Lights cost $39.95 per package, while the Star Trek Command Stocking costs $9.95. Click HERE to purchase the Lights and HERE for the Stocking.


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