Poll Says Your Favorite "Q" Episode Is...

A+ A A-, for our latest weekly poll, asked, Which is the best "Q" episode? Nearly 20,000 people replied, choosing between 10 of John de Lancie's appearances across TNG, DS9 and Voyager. The results are in, and here they are:

"All Good Things..." (31%)

"Deja Q" (13%)

"Q Who" (11%)

"Encounter at Farpoint" (10%)

"The Q and the Grey" (7% - 1,453 Votes)

"Qpid" (7% - 1,397 Votes)

"Q2" (7% - 1,293 Votes)

"Death Wish" (6%)

"Q-Less" (5%)

"True Q" (3%)

So, how did your Q episode of choice do?


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