Wow, Benjamin Sisko's parenting skills sure impressed a lot of Star Trek fans. We say this because, for our latest poll, asked Which Star Trek character made the best father? -- and Jake Sisko's dad trounced any and all comers. The full list of options included Henry Archer, Data, James T. Kirk, Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, Tom Paris, Sarek, Benjamin Sisko, Dr. Noonien Soong, Tuvok and Worf. Nearly 30,000 fans voted and here's the breakdown:

Benjamin Sisko (49%)

Data (13%)

Worf (11%)

Tom Paris (8%)

Sarek (4% - 1,307 Votes)

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy (4% - 1,037 Votes)

Henry Archer (3% - 978 Votes)

Dr. Noonien Soong (3% - 765 Votes)

James T. Kirk (2% - 673 Votes)

Tuvok (2% - 646)


So, how did your Trek dad of choice fare in the poll?



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