, for our latest weekly poll, asked Which Treknology do you want to see become a reality? Fans could choose from Cloaking Devices, Deflector Shields, Holodecks, Sonic Showers, Transporters and Warp Drive. Over 27,000 people voted and the race was super-tight. Check out the results below:

Star Trek Warp Speed

Warp Drive (33% - 9,034 Votes)

Star Trek Holodecks

Holodecks (32% - 8,849 Votes)

Star Trek Transporters

Transporters (29% - 7,890)

Star Trek Sonic Showers

Sonic Showers (2% - 640 Votes)

Star Trek Deflector Shields

Deflector Shields (2% - 500 Votes)

Star Trek Cloaking Devices

Cloaking Devices (1% - 371 Votes)


So, how did your Treknology of choice fare in the poll?



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