Poll Says Trek's Fiercest Mirror Universe Character Is...

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Which Mirror Universe character is the most fierce? That's the question posed to fans for this week's poll, giving as reply options Georgiou, Hoshi, Kira, Kirk, Lorca, Mayweather, Spock and Uhura. We love that the ladies of Trek really dominated the results. Check them out:

Mirror Georgiou

Georgiou (22%)

Mirror Kira

Kira (21%)

Mirror Spock

Spock (17%)

Mirror Hoshi

Hoshi (16%)

Mirror Lorca

Lorca (9%, 485 votes)

Mirror Kirk

Kirk (9%, 455 votes)

MIrror Uhura

Uhura (4%)

MIrror Mayweather

Mayweather (1%)

How did your Mirror Universe character of choice fare?

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