, for our weekly poll, asked Which group is most likely to conquer the Federation in the future? The reply options included the Borg, Breen, the Dominion, Klingons, Romulans, Section 31, Species 8472, Tholians and Xindi. More than 21,000 people voted -- and the Borg decimated the competition, assimilating more votes that all the other groups combined. Here are the results:

Star Trek The Borg

The Borg (53%)

Star Trek Species 8472

Species 8472 (19%)

Star Trek Section 31

Section 31 (9%)

Star Trek The Dominion

The Dominion (8%)

Star Trek Romulans

Romulans (5%)

Star Trek Klingons

Klingons (2%, 507 votes)

Star Trek Breen

Breen (2%, 432 votes)

Star Trek Tholian

Tholians (1%, 295 votes)

Star Trek Xindi

Xindi (1%, 238 votes)


So how did YOUR choice fare?



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