Poll Says Alien Brew You'd Offer Is...

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Let's all gather at Ten Forward and raise a toast... with some Romulan Ale., for our latest poll, asked Which alien brew would you offer during festive occasions? The options were Scotch Whiskey, Prune Juice, '47 Chateau Picard, Synthehol, Klingon Bloodwine and Romulan Ale. More than 24,000 fans voted and Romulan Ale won by a landslide. Here's the full breakdown:

Romulan Ale (38%)

'47 Chateau Picard (22%)

Scotch Whiskey (19%)

Klingon Bloodwine (12%)

Synthehol (4% - 1104 Votes)

Prune Juice (4% - 936 Votes)

So, where in the pecking order did YOUR choice wind up?



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