ONE TREK MIND: Trek-Batman Crossovers

ONE TREK MIND: Trek-Batman Crossovers

The late Frank Gorshin was born on April 5 in 1933, meaning tomorrow would have been his 82nd birthday. Quick, was he Bele or Lokai in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield?” Or, more importantly to the Cheron, was his face black on the left/white on the right, or the reverse? (Before you answer, keep in mind you must differentiate between his left and your left.)

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Not all of Batman's TV villains sprang from the pages of its comic book. Some were created for the show, like Colonel Gumm, who appeared in two episodes, and was played by none other than Roger C. Carmel – better known to Trek fans as Harry Mudd. (Dig this coincidence: one of Colonel Gumm's episodes is called “A Piece of the Action.”)

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And there's more... plenty more. DS9's Rene Aubjernonois, for example, popped up in Batman Forever. Among the Star Trek guests who acted in other Batman features are Anthony De Longis, Branscombe Richmond, Biff Yeager, Tracey Walter, John Glover, Ed Begley Jr. and Vincent Schiavelli. Then there are animated Batman shows to consider. Kate Mulgrew voiced Red Claw, while Michael Ansara did the talking for Mr. Freeze. Want more? How about Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Ron Perlman, David Warner, Adrienne Barbeau, Brock Peters, Clive Revill, Diana Muldaur, Paul Winfield, John Glover, LeVar Burton, etc.? 

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Maybe you disagree? Is there a Batman/Star Trek connection that I'm not making. Leave your comments below – same Bat-Password! 

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