New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer And Kirk Poster Released

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Over the past week, Paramount Pictures has released several new Star Trek Into Darkness posters, and the studio promised to unveil a new STID trailer, today, Tuesday, April 16, via iTunes Movie Trailers. Well, it's the 16th and, sure enough, fans can now dissect a new trailer that includes previously unseen footage and dialogue.



And, at the same time, also through iTunes Movie Trailers, they've released another poster. This one puts Chris Pine as Kirk front and center. 


Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk Poster


The Kirk poster, of course, takes its place next to the already released one-sheets featuring a distressed Enterprise, Uhura in battle, Spock in the middle of a volcano and John Harrison amidst his own destruction. also has a First Look at the theatrical banner featuring all four posters.



Click HERE to download the Kirk poster.


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