How You Can Get Stuck On Star Trek... Literally

By Staff - February 12, 2013

Now even humans can be Kling-ons – at least if they get their hands on the upcoming book, Stuck on Star Trek. Illustrated by Joe Corroney, Stuck on Star Trek is a spiral-bound 10-page book that provides an imaginative and interactive way to beam into the Trek universe using the magic of "Kling-on" pieces to reenact favorite scenes from TOS or create new scenarios. Stuck on Star Trek features 10 immediately recognizable TOS settings, including the Enterprise’s transporter room, sick bay, bridge, cantina, private quarters and engine room, plus some alien environments. Those all provide the backdrops for 30-plus reusable "Kling-on" stickers featuring Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, Nurse Chapel, their Klingon and Romulan enemies, and even the forever-doomed Red Shirt guy, not to mention speech bubbles, universal translators, phasers, communicators, ships, costumes, and – say it with us… -- Tribbles.



Stuck on Star Trek will come with wire-o pages and a foldout stand for easy display, and play, in a cubicle or on any surface. It’ll be available February 26 from Universe. Click HERE to pre-order.

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