FIRST LOOK: Ultimate Star Trek Cosplay VISA Cards

By Staff - April 04, 2014, which offers dozens of Star Trek Prepaid VISA Cards, all emblazoned with images of characters and ships from The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Star Trek features and more, has just introduced five new Star Trek pre-paid VISA cards that allow fans to choose their affiliation. The vibrant designs on the cards match those of the personalized Star Trek email addresses unveiled last spring.

Introducing the official Starfleet pre-paid VISA card that no self-respecting Starfleet cadet or officer can do without.

Star Trek Prepaid Visa Card

Resistance is futile with the Borg collective pre-paid VISA card.

Star Trek Prepaid Visa Card

Acquire your crew credentials with the U.S.S. Enterprise pre-paid VISA card. Star Trek Prepaid Visa Card

Let your friends, family, and store clerks know when you've received The Order of the Bat'leth with your very own Klingon pre-paid VISA card.

Star Trek Prepaid Visa Card

Show loyalty to the Federation and Boldly Go with the ultimate Star Trek pre-paid VISA card.

Star Trek Prepaid Visa Card

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