FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Hot Wheels

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The Hot Wheels Pop Culture Assortment pairs cool and classic Hot Wheels vehicles with popular brands, and for their latest mix they're paying tribute to Star Trek: The Original Series.


Captain Kirk with a '49 Ford C.O.E.

Star Trek Kirk Hot Wheels

Spock with a '59 Chevy Delivery

Star Trek Spock Hot Wheels

Uhura with a '88 Jeep Wagoneer

Star Trek Uhura Hot Wheels

Scotty with a Custom '52 Chevy

Star Trek Scotty Hot Wheels

Bones with a '38 Dodge Airflow

Star Trek Bones Hot Wheels

Sulu with a Midnight Otto

Star Trek Sulu Hot Wheels

The upcoming Hot Wheels Pop Culture Assortment -- Star Trek Mix will be available in mid-March. Each vehicle will feature a die cast metal body and chassis, Real Riders tire and a unique decoration (on the car and the packaging) devoted to the respective Star Trek character and executed in a kitchshy mid-century moder pop-art style. Designed for adult collectors, the vehicles will be sold separately, with each costing approximately $4.49.


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