IDW Publishing’s Star Trek Movie Adaptation comic-book mini-series is hurtling toward its conclusion, and that can only mean the action is intensifying. Star Trek Movie Adaptation #5, available on July 28th, picks up with Kirk coming face to face with an older, wiser and ever-more-logical Spock and also making the acquaintance of a beloved Scottish engineer. Presented by the film’s creative team of J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the new comic adventure is written by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, based on the story of Kurtzman and Orci, with art by David Messina. The 32-page book, priced at $3.99, includes scenes not featured in the hit film.

Star Trek Movie Adaptation #5 is the penultimate tale, setting the stage for the finale, Star Trek Movie Adaptation #6, due out in August. Later, in October, IDW will release a trade paperback gathering all six installments into one comprehensive and complete saga. Watch for details.



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