Diamond Select Toys has just revealed a pair of very cool and very, very different Star Trek products due out in the new few weeks. First up, there’s a Star Trek: The Next Generation Silicone Tray. It will enable fans to add water, chocolate or gelatin and create frozen cubes in the shape of the Enterprise-D and the Starfleet Insignia.

Star Trek The Next Generation Ice Tray

The second product is a Star Trek Select Captain Picard action figure. Figure three in the Star Trek Select line, Captain Picard stands seven inches tall and comes on a base that represents the interior of a Borg Cube. Sculpted by Art Asylum’s Trek veteran, Patrick Pigott, the figure’s default pose has Picard firing a phaser at an unseen enemy, though fans can swap in elements of other Star Trek Select figures.

Star Trek Captain Picard Figure

Both products will be available later this month. Pre-order from your local comic book shop or favorite online retailer, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional details.




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