, for our latest poll, asked "Which of these female characters would you like to be stuck on a planet with?" The 10 reply options were Beverly Crusher, Jadzia Dax, Kathryn Janeway, Carol Marcus, Kira Nerys, Hoshi Sato, Seven of Nine, T'Pol, Deanna Troi and Uhura. More than 37,000 fans voted and Seven of Nine beat out Jadzia Dax by just a couple of hundred votes. Here are the results:

Star Trek Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine (23% - 8,688 Votes)
Star Trek Jadiza DaxJadzia Dax (23% - 8,480 Votes)
Star Trek Kathryn Janeway
Kathryn Janeway (12%)
Star Trek T'PolT'Pol (11%)
Star Trek Deanna TroiDeanna Troi (8%)
Star Trek Beverly Crusher
Beverly Crusher (7%)
Star Trek Hoshi Sato
Hoshi Sato (5%)
Star Trek Kira Nerys
Kira Nerys (4% - 1,678 Votes)
Star Trek Uhura
Uhura (4% - 1,650 Votes)
Star Trek Carol Marcus
Carol Marcus (1%)


So, how did your choice fare?



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