Exclusive Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray Clips

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It’s almost here. Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level will beam down to Earth on January 31, giving fans a taste of what’s in store as CBS Home Entertainment sets about releasing The Next Generation on Blu-ray season by season. As you know, The Next Level sampler will include the feature-length version of the series pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint," as well the fan-favorite episodes "Sins of the Father" and "The Inner Light."

Now, is pleased to present two exclusive “Encounter at Farpoint” clips, pulled directly from the Blu-ray. Clip one is the pilot’s very first scene, featuring Picard, Data and Troi, and the second captures Riker's first interactions with Yar and Picard.

And below, see some of the first photos from the Blu-ray that released last week.  Enjoy!


TNG Blu-ray Going Boldly


TNG Blu-ray Data


TNG Blu-ray


Star Trek: The Next Generation -- The Next Level will be released by CBS Home Entertainment on January 31 at the suggested retail price of $21.99. Click HERE to pre-order.

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