EXCLUSIVE: Discovery Giclee Prints

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The Shop has a pair of exclusive holiday gifts available now for you or the Star Trek: Discovery fan amongst your friends and/or family.

Star Trek Discovery, Paul Shipper, Klingon

First up is a Star Trek: Discovery Klingon Giclee Print created by Paul Shipper featuring T'Kuvma. The giclee print measures 24 x 36 inches with border and is priced at $54.95

Star Trek: Discovery, Paul Shipper, Starfleet Print

Next, there’s the Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Giclee Print, also created by Paul Shipper. The giclee print depicts Captains Georgiou and Lorca, Specielist Burnham, First Officer Saru, Lt. Tyler,  Lt. Stamets and Cadet Tilly. It measures 24 x 36 inches with border, and is priced at $54.95.

Visit the Shop for the exclusive Star Trek: Discovery Klingon Giclee Print and Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Giclee Print today.

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