Last week, asked readers “Which of the following is your favorite Mirror character?” The options were Kira, Kirk, Sisko, Spock, T’Pol and Tuvok. Before we announce the winner, we should note that a whole bunch of people wrote in insisting that Hoshi Sato should have been on that list of options. Looking back, we agree, but based on the competition as is, the winner was… Spock with a whopping 43% of the vote. The runners-up were Kira (15%), T’Pol (14%), Kirk (8%), Sisko (7%) and Tuvok (6%).

Reader comments included:

“Spock, easily.” – Brian Allen

“What, there's no Hoshi? Or Sulu? Or Mayweather? They were my favourites.” – Laura Sherri Reid

“Spock is the man… in any universe.” – Alex Lee

“Can't believe the sexy Hoshi is not an option to vote for. A clear winner and from the best mirror universe episode(s) of any Star Trek series ever!” – Nick Fishpool

“Gotta grok Spock.” – Buck Tiske

“Gotta be Spock with that badass goatee and attitude.” – Scott Morgan


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