, for our latest weekly poll, asked Which alien species would you want to portray in an episode? The reply options included Andorians, Bajorans, Borg, Cardassians, Changelings, Ferengi, Klingons, Q Continuum, Romulans and Vulcans. Thousands of fans voted, and here are the results:

Star Trek, The Original Series

Vulcans (22%)

Star Trek

Q Continuum (20%)

Star Trek

Klingons (16%)

Star Trek, The Next Generation

Borg (10%)

Star Trek

Andorians (8%)

Star Trek

Romulans (7%)

Star Trek, Deep Space Nine

Bajorans (6%)

Star Trek

Cardassians (5%)

Star Trek

Changelings (3%)

Star Trek

Ferengi (2%)


And how did your alien species of choice fare?


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